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Ravens Hockey Live: Episode 11

Enough with the Berger puns already! Jeff Krever, Mitch Goldenberger, and Eric Balnarberger welcome Ravens’ snipe show Claudia Bergeron to the studio. They also talk about the men’s struggles on the power play and name their mid-season MVPs.


Ten is the theme this week on RHL. In a show rated 10/10 by critics (Barbara Goldenberg), we spend 3×10 minutes on the air, half of ten minutes in the penalty box with Matthew Dopud, and Jeff Krever says ten foolish things! (slightly below average). Also, did the Ravens do enough last weekend to make the nation’s Top Ten?

#10 Joey Manley certainly did his part!

Listen listen listen listen listen (x2)!

Ravens Hockey Live won’t fall to their knees and sing praises for a 2-0 weekend on the men’s side (A victory for everyone getting to avoid hearing Jeff Krever’s singing voice). As a matter of fact, we break down a couple imperfections, give the top performers the credit they deserve and get set for a busy weekend.

Christian Bourdeau-Mifflen’s red hot start (5 goals in 4GP) earns him 5 minutes in the box with Eric Balnar (is that even a reward? Oh well, Chris survived) and hearing Patrick Roy’s views on university hockey!

Episode 7: Nov 1, 2011 – Those Damn Gee-Gees.

Ottawa U got the best of Carleton this weekend. Is it a crisis? Find out here!

Womens’ forward Sadie Wegner talks about Mcgill’s big loss and how well the goalies are playing!

We also have this trivia question: Where did Harold and Kumar go in their first movie? It’s an easy one and if you respond you could win two 3D movie passes or a prize pack.

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